The REEL #1

Here it is, the highly anticipated number one, the most deserving person/group of a punch to the face or extremeties. So here we go.

First, click this link and read it. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,145195,00.html#2
It is the background to why I think this group deserves to be hit repeatedly in the right pectoral. FYI, that's the big muscle where your boob would be on a guy. It's also the most annoying place to get hit really hard, because then every time you try and move your arm, it hurts.

The Film Industry
"That's him officer, that's the guy that showed me the dirty picture." In real life, pedophiles often will use pornographic material to soften up their targets. By exposing children to horrible images the offender are able to so traumatize them that their sense of right and wrong is shellshocked. And only later, when the shame and pain surface, does the child realize something is wrong. And by then it is usually too late, because the child has developed conflicting views of what they know to be wrong, and what they have seen demonstrated. They are then ripe for abuse and disfunctional relationships for the rest of their lives. The people that perpetrate this are usually arrested and prosecuted. But what about when it is the same content, but it is artistic, and shown to an "age appropriate audience?"

By showing something this despicable, and lauding it as art they accomplish the same end result. Desensitized consumers who don't know right from wrong accepting whatever is thrown at them because they are so dizzy from the onslought.

Speaking as someone who has seen his share of "art films," and even the horrible Adam Carrola comedy "Art House," there is a line that is usually abused between genuine creativity and obscenity. And that line is abused and co-opted to make a profit. But I think even Jeremy Dahlen would agree that these folks need a good kicking.

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