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All better???

....I if you believe the doctors.

I visited my local HealthPartners clinic for a checkup, and not only did the doctor not find anything wrong during the examination, but my blood pressure was fine as well.

Huh, guess it means that my job must be slowly killing me.


What does shaving my chest have to do with light-headedness???

That's what I asked, later that day, in the Urgent Care center. But let's backup a bit.

I arrived at the AV Medical Center Urgent Care area, and it turns out if you're suffering from a rapid heart beat w/ chest pains, you get seen pretty damn quick. A nurse came in and took my blood pressure and such, and after that she brought in a funny looking machine with a bunch of wire leads. It actually looked like the back of Tophers entertainment center, if you unplugged all the components.

It was at this point that I thought about the relevance of depilation and EKG's. Long story short, nothing wrong with my heart, but now my chest looks like I had the mange.

Oh, did I mention that I had to take off my shirt, and put on a hospital gown BACKWARDS? Not a huge deal in an enclosed exam room, but when you're walking to radiology with your arms wrapped around you chest to keep from flashing the waiting room, it's a bit dicey...

After the EKG, the nurse took the results to the doc, who came in and asked some questions and did some reflex tests. This is the weirdest part of the day; the doctor looked like Tila Tequila.
(If you do not know who that is, I recommend NOT googling her at work. Just stick with the handy Wikipedia link above)

So after Dr. Tequila gave my heartbeat a listen, she sent me to get a chest X-ray(that will cost me). The X-ray showed nothing in my lungs, so the Dr has no idea whats wrong with me. My BloodPressure is a little high, but that's not a surprise. So like Ben said today, "It feels like everything in life is telling me 'maybe'."

Urgent care again...

Wednesday, March 14th, I was enjoying a sub-par, LaFonda de los Lobos taco with my friend Jake. Jake is a friend from Zoo School who I have been hanging out with off and on at various Mexican Restaurants in the SouthEast Metro.

It was 12:34pm, and I'd just finished my taco and was discussing the various music joints in the Cities, when I noticed that my heart appeared to be auditioning for the position of kick-drum in a speed-metal band. At the same time I noticed this, I realized my vision was a bit blurry, and my breathing was pretty shallow and labored.

I never lost consciousness, nor even interrupted my conversation with Jake, but just made sure I was taking regular breaths. The moment passed(actually several moments), and I felt close to normal again, albeit with a fast heart rate and flashes of light-headedness. I drove the .38 blocks back to my office, sat down at my 'puterstation, and visited Webmd.com.

By the time I'd finished clicking on the 3rd symptom, the site was telling me to contact emergency medical help.
I'm sure this has more to do with liability; like if someone is in the midst of a stroke, while also surfing their site for info on symptoms, and should die, they wouldn't be liable because of these warnings that pop up.
This was also the second time I'd experienced these effects, so I decided to see if someone could drive me to urgent care. My boss/owner of my company volunteered, and so off to the A.V. Medical Center we went(conveniently located one and a half blocks from the Kappala residence).

to be continued...



In honor of St. Patricks Day, I'm changing my blog format for the next few days. On the off chance one of you loyal readers catch this change in bloggity background, Slainte!

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Now 100% Timberlake Free!!!

Once again, we endeavored to enjoy the MN Rollergirls on a Saturday evening. And this time, we were able to avoid JT and the Sexy. Even better, we were able to bring my buddy from Zoo School. We first visited the Pizza Luce in St. Paul, and then went on to the RollerDerby. Hooray. And this time, the musical guest was Second Hand Ska Kings. I didn't realize it, but this is all that's left of some of the Twin Cities best 3rd Wave ska bands. And really, who doesn't love a ska band. Either way, I leave you with a slide show of the evening, and an invitation to join us for the next event, March 16.


No bueno...

Imagine that it's around 9:30pm. There is currently a blizzard taking place, the Guv'nor is advising you to stay inside unless it's an emergency, there is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV, and your beautiful wife just went to bed early. What do you do?

I chose to watch the only DVD in my collection that I have not previously viewed: Mr Nanny.

Now to clarify, I have seen the movie before, but probably on VHS, or UPN 9 Saturday Matinee. But I had not watched it on DVD before, with it's crystal clarity and audio perfection. So I poured myself a Scotch and sat back to enjoy to show.

I briefly considered firing up the ol' computer and liveblogging the event, and then I said to myself; "do I want to be remembered as the guy who liveblogged a review of Mr. Nanny?" And because the answer wasn't an immediate yes, I decided to just enjoy the movie for what it was.

This movie was, I believe, directly caused by the film Kindergarten Cop. I also noticed, almost immediately, that it was full of "Hey, it's that guy"s. I soon realized that most of the cast will be H!ITG material, as the only other actor of note in the film was Sherman Hemsley.

Oh yeah, and the bad guy was played by David Johansen. You know, the lead singer for The New York Dolls? No, not ringing any bells? How about Dexter Poindexter? Ah, now you know who I'm talking about. Yeah, that guy.

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I'm (goo)back...

Wow, it's been a while. I missed you, a little. I kept meaning to call you, but stuff came up. Yeah, sorry...

anyhoo, here is a recap of some stuff that's happened and has not been previously blogged:

  1. Work sucks just as much, but now differently.
  2. I lose my PAID company car in two days, and I don't have a replacement ready.
  3. BP is on sabbatical.
  4. My sister is 18!!!
  5. Flan was postponed.
  6. JAKE!
  7. Flan-ternative was flantastic.
  8. Biscuit had two kids.
  9. I want to be a cowboy...