Honorary Punchees

For my first post here at Inherently Fire Retardant Foliage, or "IFRF" as we are known by our stock ticker symbol, I would like to continue Aaron's punching posts and nominate a very distinct group of persons who should immediately be smacked squarely on top of the head.

I refer to those people that, while arguing with them, like to use big words like "verisimilitude", "acquiescence" and "lassitudinous" with reckless abandon. They do this not to add flavor to their argument, but solely to gain the intellectual upper-hand on their opponent. They do it to distract from their weak points, back tracking, double-speak. They do it to offset their grand insinuations. They do it because they are condescending bungholes.

Often times these are the same types of people who enjoy dangling the "red herring" when you spar with them. This is also sometimes referred to as "kitchen sink" arguing, in where a person brings up all sorts of other vaguely related or sometimes totally unrelated issues in an effort to trick their opponent.

Clearly these types of people should be taken out behind the woodshed and slapped senselessly upside the head with Wiffle� bats.

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