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Well, since we seem to be talking quite a bit about people who murder the innocent and helpless, it looks like your elected representatives wussed out of forcing the Schaivo case to be brought to Federal court. And now, since the 11th Circuit Appeals court decided they didn't want to be inconvenienced, it looks like it won't be going to court now. Thank you, you self important fascist bastards.

Go ahead and look up your representative. Half of the Minnesota reps didn't even bother taking a stand one way or the other and just didn't vote. Which I count as a vote for Terry Schaivo to starve to death.

What this comes down to is another case of convenience over conscience. I agree that it's much easier for someone to die than to have to take care of them. But fortunately(or unfortunately in the case of some Representatives) most parents will choose to take care of their kids when they are unable to take care of themselves. Of course I'm referring to the period of time starting at birth and continuing on until the child graduates from college and moves back into their parents basement. So instead of doing the tough but right thing and sacrificing to support their loved one, what is being set into precedent an extension of what Pro-Lifers have been warning about for years: murder for convenience.

So it is now okay to kill your baby before it's born because it will be an inconvenience. It is being decided as we speak whether or not it's okay to kill your parent/child if they are incompacitated because of injury, and it is inconvenient to take care of them. Next, we proceed hand in hand with the Democrats and Liberals into the wonderful world of Nazi Germany where people with Downs Syndrome, M.S., and other debilitating and congenital conditions where killed because they were a drain on society, or inconvenient to take care of.

Thank you Gil Gutneckt, for not voting to keep the sanctity of life a priority in this country. And I hope, when you are getting along in years and your children are gathered to discuss convalescence home options for you, you think back to Terry Schaivo, unable to escape her hospice bed and relying on caregivers to provide her with food. And I hope that one day, as you lay in your bed, your bedpan full, and your stomach rumbling, you wonder this: is the orderly just late bring your applesauce, or did your children decide it would violate your rights to keep you alive and invalid against your will?

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