Just a thought...

Does anyone have a problem if we just execute people that kill little kids?
Is that too much to ask? And do you think that maybe, just maybe, if the person has raped the little kid before murdering them, we could kill them within a year of their conviction? And instead of letting child molesters and rapists leave jail and live 500 feet from little kids, lets give them a choice: Keep your nuts and stay in jail, lose your nuts and go free. Problem solved.

Some would say that was cruel and unusual. Well, here is the solution.
If you give them anesthetic beforehand, its not cruel. Hell, I'd even be willing to spring for a bottle of Vicadin or two. As far as it being unusual, that's easier still. If everyone who rapes and/or murders a child gets neutered, by this time next year it won't be unusual at all, will it? It would be so usual that people would think "Hey, if I rape and kill that little kid, I will go to jail and then be killed. If I just rape them, I will only go to jail. But then, when I served my sentence, they'll chop of my sack. Hmm, I guess I won't rape or murder that little kid now."

And don't try to play some kind of Christianity card either. Daniel, Shadrach, Meischach, and Abednego were all probably eunuchs, and God used them. And you know what, even in a much more perfect world it would take several years to go from conviction to execution. And that's why there would be Chuck Colson.

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