Picture time

First, I would like to present Dave Jollies dad.

Secondly, something I have worried about has come to fruition. Since they can't make SUV's any bigger, they just slapped a crew cab on a diesel semi and called it a truck.

Can you imagine a middle aged soccer mom driving one of these thru residential neighborhoods, talking on her cel phone and eating a Dannon Frusion?

And lastly, riddle me this. Is this pic from a latest Star Wars movie, with the increasingly evil Anakin Skywalker making a creapy appearence at a corronation? Or is it a picture of the royal family of Monaco?

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Jacob Bird said...

HEY! I like Dannon Frusion...sometimes. But I don't eat it while driving. And besides, it's more of a yogurt you drink than a yogurt you eat.

The guy in the middle of the third picture (who has half his face cut off) looks like he's been Photoshopped in. Plus his hair looks like Jar-Jar's skin.