Father's Day Letter

Here is the text of the Father's Day Letter I read at church this Sunday:

I'm not good at putting feelings to paper, but then again, I probably get
that from you. Thankfully, you have no problem putting feeling into

Love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion, all these things I saw demonstrated
every day in my home. I got to catch a glimpse of your relationship with
your Heavenly Father in how you treated your own family. Dying to self in
order to serve us, loving us when we had no right to expect anything of
the sort. Serving others in church and outside it, I learned that Love is not
just a feeling, but an action. And I saw a relationship with God that I
in time came to want myself.

At the same time, you took a risk many wouldn't. By correcting me when I
was wrong and disciplining when I needed it, you chanced being an
unpopular dad with me. But looking back at my life I see areas where I was taught the
correct way to live, and see myself still striving for that goal. But I
doubt I would be there if I wasn't both taught and shown how to love

So thanks for sticking your neck out, because I'm sure it has saved mine.
And even though I've let you down, know that it is your example, and not
your expectations, that I try and live up to.

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