Goin to the Chapel and we're, gonna get married...

So, the season of matrimony is now over. A full three months until Ryan and Amy git hitched. I'm gonna be Usher at that. Or maybe just an usher. Hopefully the later, I just don't have the abs or the dance moves to do the former. But it's great to be a part of something awesome like Ryan and Amy. Especially since I've known Durry since he was like, 5 or something.

But as of yesterday, I get to be a part of another wedding that is not my own: Brian Scott. I've known Brian(or Biscuit) for a long time, probably since the end of High School. But we've never really been good friends until recently. Biscuit is the opposite of myself, being a high energy driven personality, and just trying too hard in general. Especially back in the day, when he was a part of the swing gestapo. But I've noticed that over the years, I've let my initial impression and experiences with Biscuit flaver my latter interactions to the point that if he did something completely reasonable and neccesary I would mock him for general principle's sake.

But in the last month, as we have started meeting regularly for accountability(specifically in regards to our pending nuptials(not Biscuit and I, but to our respective fiance's)), I've become more aware of my own sins toward Biscuit. Of course, he is not perfect, and has deserved a good 37% of the total crap I have given him lately. But I can see that a.) God is using him to convict and me in my own life, b.) there is a growth and humility that there was never in evidence before, and c.) I will never be able to benefit the Kingdom unless I can get over things from the past.

So in summation(that means "in the end"), just because you have a history of antagonism or distrust with someone, don't be surprise if God doesn't just put that person smack-dab in the middle of your life. God has a sense of humor, and above that, He loves Irony. So look out, y'all.

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Lexi-the Fiance said...

It is wonderful how GOD loves irony. Even though some times it kicks us in the arss. Several times in the last few weeks HE has done the same to me.

I however, am also glad that you are meeting with Bisquick...Brian..Biscit..!! Because it's growing you, and THAT is good for me! Ha! And it's growning him and that is good for Tina.