A dash of humor...

Look at this image, but after the initial chuckle, look again.

This was not put up as a joke, the situation in New Orleans is probably worse than most people can imagine. With no real authority present, human nature is taking it's course. Looting, vandalism, lawlessness. Pointless, on many levels. Mostly, because where are you going to put the big-screen TV you just stole? There's no power, no way out of the Big Easy, and damn near any chance of it being there when you get back because of other dumbass looters.

Sadly, the situation is very similar to the hoard of low-budget movies made in the 80's about how horrible and lawless the future will be. Cyborg, Class of 1999, BladeRunner, City Limits, etc.
(Yes Dugan and Mikey, I realize bladerunner was not by any means low budget)

As I was driving today I was struck by how horrible the situation is in the Gulf States, but also how real and tangible of an impact true Christianity can have there. With the Government unable to move it's bloated ass to help these people, and proceeds from Hollywood fundraiser weeks away(if ever), compassionate individuals, church's, and ministries will be able to show the love of Christ in a real way. A group of Southern Baptist churches is providing kitchens, staff, and food in several cities, and in most cases was there well before FEMA and the Red Cross. So if you have a moment to yourself, please lift up the lives and safety of the residents of these areas, as well as our brothers and sisters who are stepping out in obedience and compassion to honor God's commandment to feed the hungry and clothe the naked(even you wishy-washy pomo's should get behind that!).

GCM also has a page dedicated to how to help the hurricane victims.


Chris Dugan said...

Yeah I saw that picture today and found it scary, sad and funny all at once.

People need to get the hell out of New Orleans. Bringing aid to them won't work forever because the city won't even by anywhere near functional for another 3-4 months.

Sadly many of the people trapped there aren't the most aware or self-sufficient (this is not a racist or classist statement but simply a fact.) What these people need maybe even more than food, water and transportation is the love of God and that's something the U.S. Government and the "Live8" types can't provide.

Ben J said...

is blade runner on dvd yet?