Read this article, and then tell me what, if anything, it says about our "cutting edge" church.

If you are familiar with the writings of P.J. O'Rourke, the subject matter and main point will be no surprise to you. But the length that WILLisms go to research and prove his point are laudable. Unfortunately, I think this will seriously convinct us about where our church is headed. And quite possibly we need to approach our leaders at Evergreen with this and point out where we are falling short with our "revolutionary" message of salvation.

I look forward to your thoughts.



Mike said...


I agree wholheartedly. Being seen similar to the left wing protesters would not be a good thing. Perhaps the mission of our church should change in order to develop the kind of 'marketing' that would help us the church be revolutionary.

Perhaps we know what we should be praying for, .......so that the church can grow.............I will start praying now........for the church.....no really, for the church.


Chris Dugan said...

I can't tell if you want serious replies to this or not Aaron so I'll just say that I love all the lovely ladies.

But yeah that article is right on. There are exeptions to nearly every rule, but most left-wing protesting women are fugly. Liberty and free-markets are where the action is. Even Castro knows this.

And like I've always said, Pro-Life girls are way hotter than their Pro-Choice counterparts.

Jacob Bird said...

I can't tell if I'm being serious or funny when I say that:

Aaron, are you saying we need more eligible ladies around church?

And does your court-mate know about this?

What does having female protestors at church accomplish? Don't we have enough eye candy already?

The Future Mrs. Cox said...

?? I AM WHERE ITS AT? I'M PRO-LIFE! I'm just affraid of rallies. They scare me!

OH! If Aaron does mean we need more eligible ladies, I AGREE! There are like 3 girls over the age of 19 and under 24. Slim pickin's! I'll pray that God brings COOL, pretty, SINGLE, GIRLS to Bloomington! Just for Y'all! Tee hee!