Now all of you will love 311 as much as I...

Explore this hypothetical with me(no, it's not a syringe):

You are enjoying a post-Thanksgiving basketball game(I said it was hypothetical!) with your wife(hypothetical!) and some friends. Then into your personnal space walks Scott Stapp!
Not only is he in your living room, but he's obviously drunk. Do you
a.) ask him nicely to leave
b.) ask him "where's the rest of Creed? You know, the ones with talent?"
c.) punch him in the face

I would choose b followed by c, but then again I'm a jerk.

This happened to 311 in real life. Read the story here.
You got's to be some kind of drunk jerk to get a bunch of reggae loving white boys from Nebraska to kick your ass.

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Ben J said...

nothing like Scott Stapp getting his @$$ kicked