That was totally inappropriate

Do you ever find yourself in a good mood, generally busy but productive, when you catch yourself humming or quietly singing a totally inappropriate song?

And I don't mean whistling "Whiskey in the Jar-o" as you skip past an AA meeting in session at your church, either.

Because today, one of the few days where I woke up and thanked God for the day because I actually felt like it, as I was walking around my office putting together a presentation, I realized I was singing Usher's "U got it bad."(please pardon my spelling, I'm not too proficient on hip-hop spelling. for all I know it's "you gott it badd") Now that is inappropriate. Because I wasn't thinking of my lovely Fiance at the time, and I don't think I've actually ever listened to that song by choice, but there it was.

The reason couldn't be that it was some hook-heavy pop hit. We've all been startled back into consciousness after a co-worker has slapped us full across the face, only to be told we were dancing on the boardroom table singing at the top of our lungs "Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind." And who hasn't pondered shoving their hand into the business end of a garbage disposal if it would only keep "this sh#t is bananas, b a-n a-n a s!" from being blared from the loudspeaker of their mind.

So please, don't hold this against me. It would be hypocritical of you, since as you read this you are probably humming along to Eve and Alicia Keys song "Gangsta lovin"(again, not sure of the exact spelling, and damn me if my url history will have a google tag with gangsta lovin or any of its many variants)

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The Future Mrs. Cox said...

Shut up! I love Hey Mickey and Gangsta Lovin' .....