Mo' cartoons, Mo' probems...

So, more idiots are using a cartoon as an excuse to kill and plunder.

The European Union's representative to Sudan said the controversy over the prophet drawings sparked attacks on foreign aid workers in the troubled Darfur region.

Let's recap some important facts here:
1. In Darfur, government sponsored Janjaweed thugs have attacked UN and EU humanitarian workers, and the excuse that some drawing of Mo-to-the-hammed are behind it are being trotted out. What won't be mentioned(it this is mentioned at all) is that yesterday the Govermnet of Sudan refused intervention by international peacekeepers in the exact same Darfur region. They don't want even the bumbling excuse for soldiers that make up UN Peacekeepers to interfere with the ethnic and religious cleansing taking place in Darfur. But the real reason is cartoons. We promise.

2. The humanitarian aid is going to the ethnic and religious enemies of the Janjaweed, but instead of religious or ethnic persecution, this is a justifiable response for harsh religious harassment by the big and powerful Western Media. The same western media that has downplayed and excused the Sudanese Government, and their lackeys in the militia and legitimate miliary who have been commiting actual Human Rights Abuses. The same western media that has been absolutely silent on bringing these thugs before the Hague, the Internation Court. The very same western media that has crowed and shrieked that the US must submit it's soldiers before the judgement of the Hague. The media that mentions that the Darfur Janajaweed is being investigated by the Hague as a sidenote in the Reuters story cited above.

So, do you think it's possible that the whole cartoon issue is actually a non-issue? That because Western Media seems intent on portraying anything that happens concerning Muslim/Arab hostility as being concerned with the Mo'cartoons, hostile Muslim/Arabs are going to do whatever horrible things they want and then claim they're responding to the cartoons if they're called to account?

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Chris Dugan said...

Yeah that's total crap. The real situation in the Sudan has gone almost completely unreported by the media (western & whole world really). I'm not saying the U.S. needs to step in there but at this point it's probably going to take some sort of military action from somewhere to rectify that whole mess.

The good news is there is a strong and growing Church movement happening in that country. Samaritans Purse is right on the front lines helping to build churches and equip the Sudanese believers. If you hit SP website you can donate directly to their Sudan Project which is awesome.