Say no more

Say no more…

Read the following, and then tell me you didn’t giggle halfway through(and I didn’t make that heading bold either):

If you are an undergraduate, graduate or professional student or a recent graduate with your own strong interest in crucial issues of our day, the Clinton Foundation Intern Program offers a unique opportunity for growth, learning and meaningful service. We are looking for people who are dependable, enthusiastic, professional, and intelligent.

Hands-on experience: Interns have the responsibility of interacting directly with staff, volunteers and Foundation stakeholders, in such activities as communications, development, and scheduling. Through firsthand experience you learn how the Clinton Foundation functions on a daily basis, and assist with this process directly.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Cox said...

See, the thing about that is that Bill Clinton, unfortunately most famous for his amorous intern escapades, is looking for more interns.

It's like Micheal Jackson sponsoring Make-A-Wish Foundation 8yr-old boys for sleepovers... which he did.

Anonymous said...

I still don't get it.