Another reason to like Hugh Laurie...

For all of you who didn't know, on Tuesday nights I enjoy a little "sippy/snackie" or "biscuits and beverages" or whatever the English would call food and drink as an event. This consists of Mikey, Sam, myself, and occasionally Kaps, watching House, Bones, and/or Scrubs and eating a meal together. The food and drink portion are rotating, so we get a plethora of comestibles. And Scotch.

Anyhoo, the highlight of our evenings is watching House, M.D. on the tv. This is a show that combines snarky, sarcastic comments with the life or death struggle of doctors. And lots of sexual tension. With the doctors, not us. Usually.

The star of house is Hugh Laurie, an English actor with a delightful resume. You might remember him as the dad on Stuart Little, or the voice of Gutsy in Valiant.

To get to the point of this post, I just found another reason for my love of all things Laurie(and I include Lori Loughlin in this). Observe this line from his filmography:

The Ugly Duckling (1997) (voice) .... Tarquin

Now I haven't seen this movie, and don't intend to. But it's the name of my side-project with Topher. Tarquin Gotch. So hooray for me, and Hugh Laurie, and Sexual Tension Tuesday!

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