Cleaning out my desk...

Actually, just cleaning up my digital desk, i.e. emptying my pictures folder. Kind of a Digital Spring Cleaning between this and the quotes post earlier. But without further ado-

Scary Comparison #1

Side by side, it's pretty compelling evidence that the original Anakin Skywalker looked a lot like Boy George. Without the chocolate syrup on his head at least.

Scary Comparison #2

The new Ken doll looks a lot like Hasselhoff. So does the joke go now that "Germans love Ken?"

And lastly, we have a very special episode of
Homeschooled or Not?

Which of these three kids is a homeschooled lad or lassie who was featured in an article on Christianity Today's website?

No peaking!
I will post the answer in the comments section Friday, so make sure to have your guesses in by Friday!


Jacob Bird said...

Not Homeschooled.

Daniel Bird said...

I'd say #3 was homeschooled.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron. This is Linda Dugan. All three were homeschooled, I'm sure of it.