Not fair...

So those jerks at Camel figured out that I would be forced to quit smoking, and decided to do something about it. I guess I should be flattered, as I'm not a huge stream of income for Phillip Morris. But what they've done is cruel and heinous.

They designed a series of cigarrette boxes with art by famous(to me at least) tattoo artists for their boxes. And only the type I prefer to smoke, too. It's almost like a bad sitcom:

I decide to leave my crazy girlfriend, and as I'm getting up to leave the table at the coffee shop/uptown Manhattan restaurant/seaside diner where I've laid out my reasons for leaving, she drops a bombshell.

"you know that inconsequential/superficial/sexual thing you've always wanted from me? Well, I'm now doing/thinking/listening to that."

And just like that, second thoughts. I think it's tricks like this that are behind the reasoning that Cigarrettes are more addictive than heroin.

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