What he said...

From Mark Dricolls blog:

I pray Thrice keeps getting major airplay and dates on big tours like Warped where young head-banging, pot-smoking, oil-changing white guys who like to rock but don’t know the Lamb are most prone to convene. The culture needs more missionaries and less Nashville-CCM-influenced, recycled 1980s’ power ballads with acoustic guitars and subcultural lingo that no one outside of a homeschool co-op understands.

Can't say I'm down with the Thrice, but could be I'm just not into the whole Post-Hardcore thing. I'm still good with most hardcore, so I'm not ready to move on yet.

Otherwise, he speaks what I(and many I know) have known for ages. CCM blows hard.
One of the only positive memories I have from my freshmen year in high school was when Nate McClain gave me the Tooth & Nail Records samplers Vol I and II.

These disc's(which were also the second and third CD's I ever personally owned) were a crapshoot of good and bad musicians, all playing non-CCM genre music. Good and bad, there was Alt-Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Noise, Folk, Electronica, and Danielson. And if you don't know, don't worry about it. NOBODY liked Danielson, but everybody remembered it.

So the bottom line is, Dricoll is right, CCM blows, so go start a bluegrass band or something.


Jacob Bird said...

But CCM is such a wonderful outreach to the unsaved!

Or a complete turn off.

MamaD said...

I love bluegrass. It happens sometime after 40. I was playing an Alison Krauss tune for Terry and said,"Isn't that pretty, what instrument is that? And, when he said, "A banjo," I knew I was in trouble.

One thing that has always troubled me is the way pastors and other leaders sometimes assume all people are the same. For example, they assume that if you want to reach 20 somethings, you have to buy clothes at Abercrombie, and listen to Coldplay...or whatever the current trendy clothing line and band is. Forgetting that there are unsaved people who like classical music who don't care what they wear, etc.

What's my point. I guess, if we're to be all things to all people it is our job to adapt to a variety of clothing and music tastes (except, of course, for CCM bands because they are already, hopefully, saved and we are sick of career Christianity!)