I just love little blue crunchy things...pt II

As the warm glow of the Supertones faded, it was replaced with the frivolity and pure fun of Five Iron Frenzy. Now these guys rocked. While you could get some good, deep lyrics from the Insyderz, teen angst from Squad 5-0(circa 1998), you couldn't beat FIF for a good time. And did they bring it. From the hidden "pants" tracks, to Kingdom of the Dinosaurs, there was no surer way to bring a smile to the faces of a car full of teenaged guys. And they even started the trend of ridiculing Canada.

Sadly, they too started to sputter die around the end of the Century. Ska was no longer welcome at the table, as "alternative" music became in everything but name "young- adult contemporary." The youngster were putting away their black and white checked baggy pants and rude-boy suits from Goodwill, and putting on eye makup and their sisters(or mothers) pants.

As has been the case for several decades, Punk rock has been both the common thread and palette cleanser for "edgy" end of pop. Ska as I knew it was an outgrowth of punk, and ska went away to be replaced by punk. And as the pop punkers filled the growing void left by the horns and hats crowd, they would pave the way for a style of music that is the antithesis of ska: emo.
But enough about them, fun memories of skankin to the beat will follow...


Ben J said...

remember when Topher put in Pearl Jam at youth group one night and was immediately yelled at to "turn off that Ska!"

Anonymous said...

Were you aware of this?


Chris Dugan said...

Yeah ska got so hated around youth group that anything that wasn't r&b or drum machine based was labelled as such. I never was really in to ska but I want you all to know that I tried to defend ska-loving friends honor even when my own music was being ostracized.

That's pretty neat about Seitzer living in MN. I did not know that. I'm increasingly appreciative of his guitar playing. His xmas albums rule.