Not so much peace, just quiet...

So starting tomorrow, I will be embarking upon a time of purposeful reclusion. In the past, one of my main failings could be stated as "filling my life with enough noise to drown out my conscience and the Spirit." As this season in my life seems to be one of life-altering change, and my second job will require that I get more rest anyway, I'm going to make time for God to speak.

My life, as it currently is, doesn’t have too much extra time that's not already spoken for. And so I will have to remove certain activities/relationships from my schedule for the next month. For although my friendships are important to me, certainty and direction are more so. And to not wander too far into Asceticism, this time of introspection will only last a month.

To that end, don't be surprised if I don't answer my phone or attend gatherings. I don't hate you(unless you are Steely Dan or Wilmer Valerrama), I'm just occupied with something personally necessary.


Jacob Bird said...


That's encouraging to hear and motivating for me to do that myself.

Ben J said...

so does this mean you're not going to come over tonight to grill those wieners?