Even better...

So talk about coincidental, just as I was making a joke at SoL's expense, they went and posted twice about our beloved Club 3 Degrees(formerly the New Union). Man I'm good.

Anyhoo, the only serious thing about the SoL article, the Club's defence of their actions, and any other correspondance I've seen is this: If Clubs 3 Degrees is a church(or even if they're only a ministry), and if a strip club is opening a block away, shouldn't their first thought be "how can I show Jesus' love to these people?" Instead they file with the city of Minneapolis a motion for "Ewww, get away!"

Unless they want to classify themselves as a "co-op kids, after-hours and weekend teen childcare center," I can think of many pastors and churches that would love to have the opportunity to reach out to that segment.

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