Is that like Robots???

I was at a TCF yesterday in Brooklyn Park, and as I sat in my car counting my money I couldn't help but notice an odd sign on an African-American hair supply outlet.

I have have no problem with braiding, hair, or wigs. And I honestly don't mind if it's human or synthetic. But the when it comes to deciding the great human/synthetic snack debate, I'm kinda worried. I see only two ways to interpret this sign...

  1. Human-based snacks or Synthetic based snacks. I think Diet Coke and Twinkies would fall into the Synthetic category, and that's cool. But would you then have Jerry Jerky(only the finest, range fed Germans go into our Jerky), Bob Tarts, and ladyfingers? Ewwww!
  2. Human snacks(snacks for humans) or Synthetic snacks(snacks for cyborgs?). This is the more likely explanation. If you were a cumputer construct, made from metal and circuitry, would one of the things neccesary for blending in with humanity be hair?!?
I believe the Brooklyn Park police need to be aware that they either have a capitalistic cannibal on their hands, or the invasion of earth by the 'bots is begun!


Chris Dugan said...

There my even be a third possibility.

Perhaps this establishment braids synthetic wigs and serves up snacks made of human hair?

Or maybe the hair used in the snacks is synthetic as well, providing a more healthy, low-carb option?

Ben J said...

tasty hair snacks go well with a nice Pinot Noir