Just twitchy, that's all...

So now that I know, you should know, too. On Wednesday this week I ended up being driven to the urgent care wing of the Apple Valley McClinic, just two blocks from the Kapala's. This happened because of the weird twitch in my leg, coupled with feeling light headed, which left me not in the mood to drive. Of course, I was in Forest Lake, and had just finished a 2.5hr meeting with a gooey car salesman. I was on the meeting along with my Boss(capital B=maj. owner of said company), and when I asked him to drive back, he of course wanted to know if I was ok. So after explaining the problem we both agreed that a trip to the Urgent Care would be a good idea.

End result:

  1. Doctor said cut back on Caffeine(name a doc that hasn't told you that)
  2. Doc said that stress is something that I need to manage so that it doesn't make me twitchy and lighthead, only Lexi should make me twitchy and lightheaded.
  3. Doc said we should do some tests on my blood
  4. A different doc took 1/2 oz of my blood
  5. 3 different tubes of my blood will be couriered to three different labs to test for stuff
  6. I could confirm or deny the Celiac disease's veracity by next thursday(possibly will need an endoscopy tho)
  7. I now have an excuse to ditch out on stressful(see: Lame) activities.
That is all...

Almost, my leg is still twitchy.

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