Zombie PhotoShip...

Not a misspelling, I actually meant Zombie(walking dead) Photoship(combination of photoshop and pirates). Why?
Because when reading BoingBoing this morning I thought these stories were worth looking at.

1. Interview: Seetharaman Narayanan-longest name from the Photoshop splash screen.

"When I was re-writing the image processing algorithms in the plug-ins, he pointed to me that there was no need to do any image processing in the plug-in since the plug-in need not know about algorithms and it would be sufficient to just split the tasks and call the functions that knew how to do image processing. It just shows how stupid I was and how much of a genius that Peter was in pointing me to that simplicity."
Here is a guy who works on a product that is now legendary, and is even used as the general term for digital photo/image manipulation. He's also very humble. That impressed me. Also, if my little brother's name wasn't on that splash screen, I probably would have been obsessed with him as well.

2. What's up with overpaid, urban hipsters going nuts with the whole "zombie" thing? Are my

generations answer to the YUPPIE's going to be remembered as a bunch of D-bags who whined about the Iraq war, and then put on makeup and staggered around public places dressed like zombies? This reads like certain Sci-Fi novels, where a decedant youth are left with nothing other than creating entertainment on an absurd scale. Will the next stage be when the hipsters find a drug that slows the brain down, causing the jerky movement and lust for human flesh for real? Either way, there are others who think like myself, and refuse to let the undead have their way: Pirates!

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