Yeah, fo' free.
After spending $40 or so of my "we're sorry we kept you from earning any comission for 4 months" payoff on the eBible brand PPC software, I now find out that there's a free bible software that is a lot easier to run. The eBible software needed .net framework or something, and when I loaded the newest framework release on the PPC, it stoppped working. So now I have this worthless CD, and the only scripture on my PPC is whatever I've cut and pasted from ebible.com.

Long story short, I just found that there is the Berean Bible project with PPC software for FREE! They have both a PC and PPC version of the ESV, KJV, and others. So if you're looking for something like this, go for the Berean Bible. It's free, so what else do you want?

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birdd2 said...

For people with Macs, there is the free, open source program Macsword.