It's not so bad being trendy...

I say this self-depricatingly, but I think the conference last month helped push me to better understand the Calvinism/Arminianism debate. Not that the conference pushed a Calvinist agenda, not at all, but just because it was something that these men of God felt forcefully enough about to identify with it.

That being said, I found a neat bit of Pro-Calvinist thought:


And of that post, I resonated with the second point. Check the italicized sentence:
2) Because we believe that God has ordained the means of bringing many sons to glory as well as the end. Hyper-Calvinists believe He has ordained the end but not the means, non-Calvinists believe that He has ordained the means but not the end, Calvinists alone consistently take the balanced view that He has ordained both. If we don't evangelize, someone else rightly will. Calvinists believe as much in man's responsibility as they do in God's sovereignty.

That's all I got.

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