In sickness...

So yeah, in the two weeks since I last posted, I got hitched. Not news to anyone really, since everyone who reads this blog regularly was at the wedding.

Anyway, the ceremony went as well as can be expected, and reception was fine(as far as I could tell), and bright and early Monday morning we left for our Honeymoon in Wisconsin. It was a nice cabin on the lake in the remote woodlands( or typical part) of WI, and it had a fire pit. Hooray! I had several nice times sitting on a bench by the fire in the morning with my Bible and a Diet Coke. Very relaxing.

Then we came home, and now we're sick. Yep, sick. Both the wife and I have the flu-thing that's been going around. At current count, we are two among many. The following list is a brief summary of sickies:
Casey Flynn
Sam & Tina
Lexi's mom Kathy
Most of my office
And maybe even you!

Hopefully you won't get it, because it sucks. I'll leave out the details other than to say you don't get to sleep to much, other than 25-minute dozing spells.

So enjoy the Social D song, Sick Boy, in memory of a sick boy.

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