Year of the Dog... *UPDATED*

Top Letdowns of 2006

  1. Died: May 25 - Desmond Dekker, Jamaican singer and songwriter (b. 1941)
    -This guy made reggae and ska music that makes even white folks want to dance.

  2. To those who believe in The Bible Code, 2006 will be the year of the apocalypse.
    -I’m still waiting…

  3. January 16 – Frontman Rob Aston announces that the Transplants have disbanded shortly after their fall tour cancelled.
    -This may or may not be true. Either way, they’re not touring, which sux.

  4. October 15 – Legendary New York City music club CBGB closes after a lengthy rent dispute.
    -This means I have one less life goal, I’ll never get to see a show at CBGB’s

  5. Revolver
    -Does anybody know what this movie was about?

  6. Talladega Nights
    -Worst Will Ferrel movie since the Woody Allen one where he tried to be all serious

  7. James Joseph Brown, Jr. (May 3, 1933 or 1928December 25, 2006)
    -Hey, he was bat-excrement crazy, but man could he bring the funk!

Top Surprisingly good surprises of 2006

  1. May 23 - The Wreckers release their debut album, Stand Still, Look Pretty.
    -see Ben’s post on this for more explanation.

  2. How I met your mother
    -I started watching this show w/Lexi this year, and I really enjoy it. It’s got Doogie!

  3. Life with Mikey
    -living with Mikey was a new, and beneficial experience for me.

  4. Desiring God ‘06
    -Great event, I walked away with a lot of ideas, and a better grasp on my goals for the Gospel.

  5. Country Music
    -again, see Ben’s post

  6. Sophie Valsler, John Ryan Durry, Emma Kapps
    -hooray for babies

  7. Rancid at Myth Nightclub
    -no Transplants, but one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Hooligans!

  8. Project Gutenberg
    -Not Steve, an online repository of all kinds of out of print/out of copyright books. Check it!

  9. Trading my sorrows...
    -or at least trading an Upright Bass for a printer

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