No bueno...

Imagine that it's around 9:30pm. There is currently a blizzard taking place, the Guv'nor is advising you to stay inside unless it's an emergency, there is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV, and your beautiful wife just went to bed early. What do you do?

I chose to watch the only DVD in my collection that I have not previously viewed: Mr Nanny.

Now to clarify, I have seen the movie before, but probably on VHS, or UPN 9 Saturday Matinee. But I had not watched it on DVD before, with it's crystal clarity and audio perfection. So I poured myself a Scotch and sat back to enjoy to show.

I briefly considered firing up the ol' computer and liveblogging the event, and then I said to myself; "do I want to be remembered as the guy who liveblogged a review of Mr. Nanny?" And because the answer wasn't an immediate yes, I decided to just enjoy the movie for what it was.

This movie was, I believe, directly caused by the film Kindergarten Cop. I also noticed, almost immediately, that it was full of "Hey, it's that guy"s. I soon realized that most of the cast will be H!ITG material, as the only other actor of note in the film was Sherman Hemsley.

Oh yeah, and the bad guy was played by David Johansen. You know, the lead singer for The New York Dolls? No, not ringing any bells? How about Dexter Poindexter? Ah, now you know who I'm talking about. Yeah, that guy.

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