Punching post continued

As I finish up this theoretical exercise in conflict resolution, let me state this: I in no way intend to follow through with the punching of celebrities. This is just my way of voicing my frustration, and I'm sure that if I was ever face to face with any of these fine people, we would talk amiably about our differences. Or something.

2.) Jon Stewart

You may think you know why I would punch Jon Stewart, but you are sadly wrong. In actuality, I find Stewart to be a talented guy. His off the cuff remarks and willingness to mock himself as well as others has endeared this liberal to me. Unfortunately, over the last several years, the things I found so compelling about this "fake news" show have been replaced by a vitriolic hatred and self righteousness. In much the same way as the Onion has taken to spiteful(and effectively humorless) "stories" that do nothing but use the format of humor and satire as a soapbox for name calling and character assassination, Stewart and his team have strayed from what they did so well. By highlighting the ridiculous things people do, and then treating them as serious and newsworthy, they made us laugh because we saw that it was not just the butt of the joke that acting unreasonably, but that we ourselves were but a few steps away from the same thing.

Granted, cashing in on current events is what they did, and still do, best. But by skewing their entire show to mocking conservative and right thinking individuals, they let the sheer ludicrousness that characterizes the left get a free pass. If they have any integrity and moral calling as a "fake news" organization, it is to highlight the asinine and out of touch with unrelenting and unbiased fervor. And for that, Jon Stewart, I punch you in the forehead.

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