Happy Balentimes day

Well hi there. My names Jack, Jack Prescott. I'm the busiest bankruptcy lawyer in Minnesota. Nice to meet you Linda. Might I say that's a lovely pantsuit you're wearing. Hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before? That's right, you were the paralegal at one of the hearings I was at last week. I wonder if it would be a conflict of interest if I were to ask you to join me for a delicious steak dinner at Timber Lodge? Oh, it would? Well I'm sorry. You have to forgive, I am the busiest bankruptcy lawer in Minnesota. It's all I do, and I do it well. Unfortunately that means I don't do much of anything else, and I do that badly. Like right now. I'm sure social convention would require me to accept your refusal and politely excuse myself. Instead I'm still standing uncomfortably close to you, smelling of Aqua-Velva and cigar smoke. Leaning toward you as if listening intently, yet never making eye contact for more than 3 seconds. Yes, I realize that it's late, and I'm sure we both have to be in court bright and early tomorrow. Oh, I'm sure we'll see each other again, if only across the courtroom. You see, I'm the busiest... Right, already said that didn't I. Well, I'm sure you meet all sorts of dashing bankruptcy lawyers, with their chiseled features and $300 suits. Well, I bet I'm busier than all of them. Wait, don't run! Your high heels could cause permanent damage to your ACL if you were to trip while running. Oh well, she's gone. But I could always go home and read up on my court briefs. I wonder if I still have a copy of the one she must have typed? Let me see, it would have been the Johnson case...

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