Todays update

I'd like you all to meet Mark Roberts. Mark is great at what he does, which is Technical Support for the top selling prosthetic ankle manufacturer in North America. Mark loves his family, which include his two goldfish named Merrimac and Monitor, and his dog Stonewall. As you may have guessed, Mark is an avid Civil War reenactor and history buff. Not only does he own the 70's classic "North and South" starring Patrick Swayze, but also every Time-Life book series on the civil war ever sold. He has the Ken Burns Civil War documentary taped off of PBS, and is one of three people still alive who use Uncle Levi's Certified Cornmash Shaving Powder and Expectorant. Mark keeps the memory alive, but agrees that Kaps is wrong, and the south will NOT rise again.


Chris Dugan said...

"North & South" was actually not a movie nor was it released in the 70's.

It was a television mini-series that aired on ABC in November of 1985.


Ben J said...

well kaps isn't alone with the whole "the south shall rise" idea... general Cartman Lee (if you watched southpark last night) also believes in the power of the confederacy... maybe they're on to something?