Second guy of the day

Since I was absent from posting a person of the day yesterday, I'm gonna double up on posting today. We'll have to consider Jimmy here as yesterday's post. His full name is James Dvorzak Church, and yes, he is the younger brother of Thomas Hayden Church. Neither of which should be confused with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Now Jimmy's story is an interesting one. While you may remember his brother from the critically acclaimed yet commercially impotent film Sideways, and who could forget his towering performance as the dopey mechanic in NBC's comedy Wings, he was also a mainstay on Disney direct to video releases like George of the Jungle 2, and Air Bud 4:Hockey Doggy. But Jimmy was also set to dazzle the entertainment world. In fact, in the first off-Broadway appearance of either of the church brothers, Jimmy was the critics favorite. Playing the neurotic Dr. Jeckyl to Thomas', or Tommy as he was then called, Hyde he displayed a charisma rare in the St. Louis community theatre scene. Unfortunately, as is often the case, fames grasp eluded young James. Where Tommy went on to play many, nay, all the roles in a traveling production of Hair!, James decided to spend the summer under the tutelage of a former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company who had a winter home in Key West. And while Tommy, now Thomas Hayden to all but a few bar maidens and the occasional Mooney, ended up performing for the more seedy talent scouts on the west coast, Jimmy got pneumonia from a mosquito. It was all downhill from there, as Thomas was soon snapped up to fill a part in a prospective mid season replacement for Empty Nest. As part of an ensemble cast, he would have less pressure, and more opportunities to shine, as he would be co-starring with Steven Weber and John Ritters future wife. Jimmy recovered from the pneumonia, but the stigma of spending two weeks in bed in the company of an elderly British man in Bermuda Shorts killed any chance of a return to the stage in Missouri. At that point Jimmy became estranged from his brother, and secretly plotted to murder him with the help of Thomas' castmate Tony Shalhoub. Again the dice came up against Jimmy, and the police uncovered the plot. Mr Shalhoub turned states evidence against Jimmy, and he spent 13 months at Rykers Island. He entered a work-release program and found his niche telemarketing commercial refrigeration services. He has even reconciled with his brother, after both realized that the real winner in the whole murder plot was Tony. He even gained his current fame by playing a character based on the detective who broke open his conspiracy to kill Thomas.

Well, thats it kids. Have a great weekend.


Chris Dugan said...

Is there any story behind Jimmy's New York Yankees golf shirt?

Cox said...

Yeah, the story is he spent 13 months at Rykers Island. It's kinda like the San Quentin of New York. He's now working in NY as a web designer.