Zero of the Day

Meet Richard DeLindo. Richard and I first crossed paths at Root Cellar Records, where we were both searching for a little known folk-band called Leighton Lilt. After a brief scuffle where fisticuffs were exchanged, we settled down long enough to discover our commonality extended far beyond obscure Americana.
Rich has had a lifelong love affair with Bluegrass, Ragtime, and traditional Appalachian "courtin hollers." Although Rich is 37 and firmly ensconced in middle management, at one time he toured the country with his band "Elmore" in the late 70's. And while the music was quality, it became readily apparent that the Mid-West was not ready for music that mixed a banjo with traditional African drums. It wasn't until 1997 that his life changed from the course of a "wanderin' cowboy" to that of WASP underachiever. At that years Lillith Fair, where he was on the tour as the Indigo Girls' banjo tech, that he met the love of his life: Miss Rita Deznik.

She was an accountant at Phillips, Reynolds and Johnson, the local shipping industry auditors, and went to the concert as a way to get an annoying co-worker to stop flirting with her. But if her intention was to start rumors of a lesbian lifestyle, the truth couldn't have been further away. She tripped over Rich's unconscious form on her way to orderly and clean Port-A-Johns that were a Lillith Fair staple. While setting up for the next I.G. set, Rich was mistakenly identified as a groupie by Meredith Brooks, and smashed over the head with a guitar. Thankfully, it was at this point that fate gently caressed his cheek, before reaching for his checkbook. Rita saw in his face something angelic, and thought his moustache was adorable. So she proceeded to dump her water bottle over his head, and hold him until he stopped coughing. They exchanged phone numbers, and over Mac and Cheese on the bus, the agreed to meet again after the summers touring was done.

The rest is history, really. Rita got him a job at her fathers auto parts delivery company, and Rich traded in his Birkentocks for Nunn-Bush loafers. They are now married with two parakeets, one goldfish, and an iguana.

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