A Plethora of Pinatas

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I have travelled forward, into the Future, to bring you pictures of people we know. This will be them in mid-life. First, right now, is Jeffy Kaps.
Yes, the years have been kind to Jeff. And while male-pattern baldness did set in, 38 year old Jeffy "I'm Jeff now" Kappala still hangs out in parking lots with Edina High School students.

And next,it's Kip Dynamite!

After Kip and Lafawnda moved back to the city, he soon started to find a new outlet for his life. Eschewing the short but exciting life of a pit fighter, Kip took online Law classes and eventually started up the successful Law Office of Dynamite, Waters, and Wynd. He got Lasik eye surgery, and finally grew a real mustache.

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