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Fake Trees Exclusive!

The Beau Hallums of the world are weeping today, as Youth Group Rock favs Petra announced they are ending their 33 year mastery of the CCM scene. Wail, you middle aged guys with long hair and muscle shirts; cry out, 3o-something secretaries with rose tattoos around your ankles; for your soundtrack stops here.

This reminds me of an amusing anecdote.

Back in the mid-nineties, Petra was playing a show at New Prague's United Evangelical Missionary Temple when they found out that their most bitter rivals, PFR, we playing at the Holy Cross of our Redeeming Saviour Lutheran Church that very same day.

Thinking to play a nasty bit of trickery upon their erstwhile adversaries, Bob Hartman of Petra snuck into the choir room/dressing room of RSLC that night before PFR's set with a surprise in mind. Having seen Tommy Boy the day before in a Howard Johnson that band had stayed at, he made sure that band was fimly ensconced in their dressing room and no one else was about. He crept up to the door and asked in his most convincing falsetto "Housekeeping, you want towel?"

Continueing on in the vein of the Chris Farley and David Spade scene, he proceeded through to the slightly off color punchline. The door was then whipped open by a slightly troubled looking Joel Hanson(not to be confused with Joel Hodgsen) who asked "What kind of Lutheran Church is this!?"

Upon seeing who it was, a general round of laughter and shoulder punching was had by all.

The End

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