Celebrity awkwardness...

So last Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet bestselling author Vince Flynn. He just happens to be the uncle of my friend and protoge Casey Flynn. Ok, he's really only my friend. And that's really stretching it. If only because he's a good man and quality individual did he let come hang out with him at the Barnes and Noble in prestigious Edina's Galleria.

Right, so Casey introduces myself and Micah to Mr. Flynn as he's enjoying a pre-booksigning Whiskey. It was awkward all around as Casey and his uncle make family-small talk, and me and Micah and Sam just stand there awkwardly. Hands were shook, and we were promptly(and properly) ignored as more important people(like the owner of the restaurant) came over to talk to Vince.

Fast forward to the booksiging. I approach the table to have my copy of Consent to Kill signed, and the author looks up and recognizes me. Here is encapsulated the whole of my conversation:

Vince: "OK, Aaron. Hey, you're Casey's friend!"

Aaron: "Yup."

Vince: "Well, you're arms look a lot bigger when you're not wearing your jacket."

Aaron: "mumbles inaudibly"

V: "So did Casey turn you on to my books?"

A: "No, I actually had read the first couple and then Casey told me you were his uncle."

V: "That's great, glad to hear it."

A: "Just so you know, I've spent many nights at Denny's trying to finish up one of your books before I had to go to bed."

V: "Well thanks, it was nice meeting you."

So yeah, Vince Flynn thinks I have big arms.

More awkwardness posted after lunch..


Ben J said...

are vince flynn's books good? thanx for the cheese stick

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

That's kind of funny. Mark & walked into the Galleria B & N that night to pick up a DVD and could hear Vince Flynn talking downstairs & were trying to figure out who he was. No idea there was an Evergreen connection.
OK so it's not really that funny, but we were there that night. That is all.