Mac users, to me...

OK, this is really lame. This article claims that Mac's get better coverage not because they are easier to use, don't give you a blue screen of death, or are just better overall; but because magazine editors and writers use Macs. It's a bunch of crap!

"As big and as important as Microsoft is, the coverage of the company is quite mediocre. This is particularly true in the mainstream press."
No arguments here. But there is a reason.

"The reason for this is that today's newspaper and magazine tech writers know little about computers and are all Mac users. It's a fact."
Nope, it's not a fact, it's an opinion. Also, it's the lamest excuse I've heard since "we didn't give the UN Weapons inspectors enough time."

"This is why when Microsoft actually does have a good idea, people look to trash it out of hand. With 90 percent of the mainstream writers being Mac users, what would you expect?"
This is bass-ackwards logic. How about, "the people who are paid to understand and rate technology for a living all use Macs"? Wouldn't that be a lot more of a logical and accurate statement? I don't know why this guy has such a hate on for Macs, but he is a douche-bag. Read the whole story and let me know if I'm wrong.


Jacob Bird said...

Dvorak's a moron. Seriously. A majority of his columns are uninformed crap, usually ripping on Apple, or at least making him sound foolish and in over his head.

Chris Dugan said...

Yeah Dvorak's always been a goo.

Never listen seriously to anyone named after a failed non-Qwerty keyboard standard. Bwee!

The idea that Microsoft doesn't get any love from the media is laughable. Anyone remember the hoopla surrounding Windows 95'? People were wetting themselves for months in anticipation of the "Recycle Bin" and "long-file names" and other capabilities Mac users have had since 1984.

The reason no one covers much of the PC industry now has nothing to do with bias. It has to do with Microsoft and their ilk making inferior and uninteresting products. I mean the only remotely interesting thing Microsoft has made in the last 5 years is the X-Box and that has nothing to do with computers really.

It's like people who say their is a "movie" slump this year so people aren't going to theaters anymore. No, it's not a slump, it's Hollywood making worthless drivel that no one feels the need to rush out and see (other than Revenge of the Sith, War of the Worlds or Batman 5).