A fitting end to this week...

Here is my gift to you, loyal readers. I hope you aren't too freaked out by what I found in my bloglines over the course of the week. Enjoy... I don't know what they did, exactly, but this is just creepy.
This was a record some guy found in a Goodwill record bin.
Diamond encrusted silver knuckles. I'd love a pair of these, but I doubt you guys would let me have one.
If Willem DeFoe and William Devane had a kid, this would be him.

And of all you PoMo pundits and whiners, if you start spouting theology from this Chesterton book, I'm going to smack you! F.Y.I. did you know good ol G.K. wrote a bunch of cheap detective stories?


Ben J said...

yes, yes i did

Chris Dugan said...

Doesn't that Devane/Dafoe love-child look a little like a 45 year-old crazy arms as well?