Screw you, David Spade...

So last night, after UPN Thursday, I was watching the Show Biz Show w/David Spade. He made some slightly funny crack about getting over the whole Brangelina and Vincifer thing and having a life. While I agree with this in theory, I don't like Spade, and therefore will go against his advice on principle alone and post about this sad celebrity affair. Starting with this picture. It's pretty good, for a Christmas Card from the Pitt family some years in the future.

Now, I think I've posted on the stupid name blending of celeb couple to save time. So now I'll come up with a few for Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston, and then mock them. This will save all of you the time of mocking things I made up, which should be equivilant to a Day Lights Savings Time amount of free time.

obvious why this didn't work, sounds like a third tier unholy angel. OR MAYBE IT IS!

Well, didn't we invade Vaugniston to free it's people from the tyrranical rule of the Taliban?
Or maybe it's one of the upstart former Soviet-Bloc countries that is recently experimenting with Representative Government.

Too close to a racial epitaph, but a good slang term to describe chain-smoking, zombie-like celebrities.

Isn't that the name of a crisis-pregnancy center?

Well, I hope you appreciate my lame attempt at levity for this Friday, December 16th. I'm gonna go eat lunch now.

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