This is the face of an unjustly accused man...

Right, he's not deranged, evil, psychopathic, or a horrible person. He was unjustly accused, and he complied with the UN, and he's being framed so that Bush will look good.

B- as in B, S- as in S.
Throwing a temper tantrum and telling a judge to "go to hell" are not exactly the actions of a benevolant dictator with justice on his side.

After a full day of witnesses detailing his torture(actual torture, not just looking at someone in a "mean" way) and murder throughout Iraq, Saddam and a flunky had the gall to complain that the way they were treated was "terrorism." That is was unfair, and that everyone should "go to hell." Saddam's complaint was that he wasn't able to take a shower or excercise. Well too bad, you can read about the atrocities he ordered here, and then tell me if he deserves a shower.


Chris Dugan said...

What Saddam did to people at Abu Ghraib makes what those rogue marines did at Abu Ghraib look like a sunday school picnic. It's disrepectful to those who were actually tortured for real (not given wedgies and told to stand on buckets) to even make the comparison.

Me said...