So, several days after I wander across Jodie Sweetin's web page, she goes on the TV to confirm that she's in rehab for Meth abuse. Crazy.

Even crazier? That she had an intervention that included the Olsen Twins and Bob Saget! That would drive me to Meth, not away from it. They should have had Stephanie's hot friend do the intervention. That would have made more sense.

Anyhoo, here is an interesting picture where Jodie looks like the lost Johnson daughter: Jodie Johnson. Wow, that works too well! This will be the last time we'll visit poor Jodie, as I need to find the next medium thing to blog about.

Let's see: Chuck Norris, Jodie Sweetin, whatever happened to that guy who played the Rocketeer?


Nikki said...

"The Rocketeer" star Bill Campbell changed his stage name to Billy Campbell and starred with Sela Ward in the network series "Once and Again".

Anonymous said...

Meth or not, I would totally do her.

The Future Mrs. Cox said...

You are not supposed to Blog/talk about anyones hot friends! You forget that I sometimes read this thing.
...= (