Budget Cuts...

Haha, so when you are bored, try doing a friend's surf. Start at someone’s myspace.com page, and then just start clicking on a friend from their Top 8. I started at the Veronica's, and saw that Ryan Cabrera is their friend. I hate him, so I checked out his page, and Rob Thomas is HIS friend. This is too good! I hate Rob, so I click on him. Well, Rob has less friends than Ryan, but does acknowledge this guy named Hodges Taylor. Taylor, is appears, provides yet another source of complete musical pap. Oooh, but he's different! See, read this part of his bio:

"While some artists play to an audience, Hodges becomes one with his. "I enjoy interacting with the crowd," he says, “I like the thought of being tangible”. Fans find the Gibson-backed singer/songwriter's down-to-earth persona refreshing. Still, it’s his commanding stage presence that really turns people into fans. With heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies, Hodges stands out from the rest of the new breed of singer/songwriters."

Yup, that sure stands out from all the other mopey morons with acoustic guitars and an over-inflated sense of self worth. And just so people don't assume he plays an eponymous instrument, he clarifies his usage of the Gibson brand. What an Affenschwanse! This could go on for days, if I didn't have work to do. So I'll just end the story here. But if you're bored, give it a shot sometime. And feel free to mock and or harass any of the people I listed above(except the Veronicas, they're good people).

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