Bruised, bleeding, and pheening...

So, in case you missed it, last Friday I had 5 teeth pulled. Four wisdom teeth, and a baby tooth that never got replaced.

It's now Monday, and I can tell you several things:

the drugs my dentist gave me were weak, man, weak!
I really miss corn chips
I really miss cigarettes
I really miss whiskey
I really miss Denny's
I really miss smoke breaks
there is such a thing as too much mashed potatoes

So with that said, I'm also learning something about myself. I don't know what specifically it is, but I know that questions are being asked(subconsciously) that should help me understand what it is to be Aaron.

Is the only reason I go to work so that I can have money for my lunch breaks?
What driving purpose does my lunch break now have, when physical nourishment is a sports shake, and there's no physiological release due to nicotine?
Is self control completely tied into self-preservation, or can it be co-opted to self-improvement?

That's my thoughts so far.


MamaD said...

I beg to differ, there is NOT such a thing as too much mashed potatoes.

Hope you are feeling better.

Jacob Bird said...

I didn't think getting my wisdom teeth was the worst thing ever, but it's not something that I'd want to do on a regular basis.

Try adding some gravy.

And if your really daring (or just bored with plain mashed potatoes), add some BBQ sauce.

Not that I'm weird or anything.

Cox said...

Let's talk about mashed potatoes.
First, start with a pan of instant mashed potatoes. eat 1/3rd, put the rest in the fridge. Several hours later, you are hungry, so you remove the mashed potatoes, set them on stove, and add one can of Cream of Potatoe Soup, and one cup of shredded Jack cheese. Heat on medium until one gelatinous, steaming dinner.

Second day, start with one pan of instant mashed potatoes, sub 1 & 3/4 cup of broth instead of water, mix and cook. Add 1/2 cup of shredded Jack. Eat most. Several hours later, add 1/2 cup of gravy.

repeat while mixing above ingredients in varying ways for the next week.

The End

MamaD said...

Instant mashed potatoes???

Well, there's your problem!

I shall try to put mashed potato directions on Hip Hop Co-op. They taste even better reheated and with a little cheddar melted on top, the leftovers make for a tasty and quick microwave lunch.