That's what love is for...

About 8 years ago, a friend from school showed me a tract he'd found on the evils of CCM. Man o man, that was hilarious. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best introduction to Christianity he could have had, but then again, he was my friend so I'm sure I was guilty of the same.

So as I surf the blogosphere this morning, I ran across the exact same tract, as a webpage! (and funnily enough, the url calls the page "crock!").
Hat tip to Subvervise Influence.

Now you too, gentle reader, can enjoy some whack job's reasoning for why:

  • Amy Grant clearly flashes the "satanic salute"!
  • The M in Michael and the T in Smith is part of the Runic (runic means secret) alphabet used in witchcraft and satanism!
  • Carman blasphemously imitates the Lord Jesus Christ walking hip-jive doing what Carman calls "THE MESSIAH WALK". UNGODLY! BLASPHEMY!
  • Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, " . . .there is NO NEW THING under the sun." But that was before dc Talk came along, as they sing, "God is doin' a NU THANG through our music" (they can't spell either!).
And there's so much more! Enjoy!

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Ben J said...

I totally remember that. You brought it to youth group one night. That was and still is awesome.