What do you do when serving isnt tin anemone...

That's the question my PDA asked me last night. While listening to Brent speak at the LTM last night. His message was on "what do you do when serving isn't fun anymore?" In an effort to look scholarly, I turned my PDA on and fired up the notebook. It let's me write with my stylus without any word recognition software ruining my script.

After a few minutes of playing with the notebook feature, I found it did have a button that promised to "recognize." Now, considering that the last time anyone ever requested that I "recognize" was immidiately followed by a sever beating and theft, I decided it was a good idea to do so.

And, not actually bothering to learn from the last time around, I was surprised by the result. So now I'm left with a note that directs my thoughts to metal sea life, and I'll probably remember that for longer than I'll remember the message last nite.

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