All better???

....I if you believe the doctors.

I visited my local HealthPartners clinic for a checkup, and not only did the doctor not find anything wrong during the examination, but my blood pressure was fine as well.

Huh, guess it means that my job must be slowly killing me.


Sean said...

In February of 2004, suffered from similar symptoms. I did end up blacking out, while peeing, and collapsed into the shower door.

Once I finally got into the doctor, everything was fine. It must have just been stress, at least in my case.


Durry said...

I'm glad you're not dying anymore. I know stress and caffeine can have a lot to do with symptoms like that. My boss had the same thing for a while.

Also, Sean, were you in a toilet-right-next-to-the-shower scenario, or were you peeing in the shower?