Urgent care again...

Wednesday, March 14th, I was enjoying a sub-par, LaFonda de los Lobos taco with my friend Jake. Jake is a friend from Zoo School who I have been hanging out with off and on at various Mexican Restaurants in the SouthEast Metro.

It was 12:34pm, and I'd just finished my taco and was discussing the various music joints in the Cities, when I noticed that my heart appeared to be auditioning for the position of kick-drum in a speed-metal band. At the same time I noticed this, I realized my vision was a bit blurry, and my breathing was pretty shallow and labored.

I never lost consciousness, nor even interrupted my conversation with Jake, but just made sure I was taking regular breaths. The moment passed(actually several moments), and I felt close to normal again, albeit with a fast heart rate and flashes of light-headedness. I drove the .38 blocks back to my office, sat down at my 'puterstation, and visited Webmd.com.

By the time I'd finished clicking on the 3rd symptom, the site was telling me to contact emergency medical help.
I'm sure this has more to do with liability; like if someone is in the midst of a stroke, while also surfing their site for info on symptoms, and should die, they wouldn't be liable because of these warnings that pop up.
This was also the second time I'd experienced these effects, so I decided to see if someone could drive me to urgent care. My boss/owner of my company volunteered, and so off to the A.V. Medical Center we went(conveniently located one and a half blocks from the Kappala residence).

to be continued...

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